Monday, October 20, 2008

The Next AyerTawarian Trip

Is been a while since AyerTawarian Trip.
1. Langkawi
2. Genting

I hope end of this year we will have another enjoyable Ayer Tawarian Trip.
If anybody have any suggestion, you all can leave your suggestion in the comment.
For further information, you all can ask DSLoong. He'll be the head of this coming trip and Looi will be his assistant.
Those who wish to go, let us know the period of time when you are free by put in the comment. Thank you.


looi said...

Will make 2 tour,
1 is when chiang back
1 is when yf back

looi said...

1. Hat Yai Tour
2. Northern Tour
-->Perlis --> Kedah --> Penang --> Perak.
3. Southern Tour
--> Melaka, N9, Johor.
4. Melaka Tour
5. Cameron Tour
6. Ipoh Tour
7. Lumut Tour
8. Sitiawan Tour
9. Ayer Tawar Disneyland Tour
10. No Tour --> use the money to pump petrol to "pak kuan", dao bin, and live like King in Ayer Tawar. Wahaha.

Chiang said...

Hat Yai Tour not bad... hehehe~~~