Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ayertawarian being robbed!! 凸=_=凸

this morning around 7.35am, i received a phone call from my friend, dsloong telling me that he with hsloke was robbed and beaten by a group of mat rempit. the location is in front of Taman Connaught's Esso petrol station. the incident was happened when both of them were walking bac home after finish eating their supper. it was around 3am, they were surrounded by not less than 6 motocycle wif a gang of 12 ppl. they attacked and took all my friends' belongings. dsloong is smart enuf where he threw his hp into some bushes b4 they could hv it. he said it is better to be broken rather than given to those rascal. lol~ but their injuries quite bad, hsloke got some bruises and a nose bleed while dsloong's face being beaten by helmet. all of their wallet and cash being sapu by those pkmccb凸#凸%#%凸#凸&!@%$% rascal.

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